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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Child pedagogy and development for CTET 2013

Child pedagogy and development is a vital part of not just CBSE CTET but also for other state TET exam. Below are some practice model paper and previous year papers as well for 2013 CTET exam. This model paper is for Child pedagogy and development. WE are not giving these previous year questions and answers  in PDF format because then it become difficult for you to copy it and practice at leisure. In the days to come we would be posting sample papers for cabinet secretary field officer, MP Police constable and others like LIC AAo, which is scheduled for May 11.

1. Games in school are essential for students because
(1) It makes them physically fit  (2) It gives teachers  some spare time (3) It helps in passing time sans efforts (4) games develops co-operation and physical balance among kids

2. Family stands for (1) informal education (2) formal education (3) non-formal education (4) distance education

3. How can a a teacher develop social values among students (1) narrating tales about great people (2) inculcating a sense of discipline (3) by being a role model (4) telling them cooked up stories

4. Most crucial factor for a teacher is? (1) To have discipline in class (2) To be punctual in class (3) To make things easy for students (4) To be a good public speaker

5. Blackboard belongs to which category?
(1) Audio aid (2) Visual aid (3) Audio-visual aid (4) None of these

6 Teaching skill is related with? (1) Blackboard writing (2) Solving questions (3) Asking questions (4) All of these

7. Students who ask questions in class should be
(1) asked to see the teacher after class (2) encouraged to participate in debates (3) encouraged to continue asking questions (4) asked to find answers themselves

8. Kindergarten system was the idea of
(1) T.P. Nunn (2) Spencer (3) Froebel (4) Montessori

9. A guardian never turns up during PTMS? As a teacher you will (1) ignore the child (2) write to the guardian (3) will visit the guardian 4) start punishing the child.

10. How will you channelize a hyperactive child energy?
(1) Make him sit in the front row and keep a strict vigil on him (2) Make him sit in the corner (3) Ask him to do class errands (4) None


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