Education@India: Model paper NICL AO computer knowledge Part 1

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Model paper NICL AO computer knowledge Part 1

This model paper includes questions for 2012 NICL AO written exam’s computer awareness section. The best pattern to prepare is to buy practice papers or 10 years old previous year papers in the form of a book. However, the best way to improve your NICL generalist as well as specialist cut off score in computer awareness is to go through NCERT 6th, 7th and 8th class books. 

1. The name of the process, ensures that all the components of the computer are operating and connected in the right manner
(1) Booting   (2) Processing (3) Saving   (4) Editing (5) None of these 

2. Unsolicited commercial email are popularly called as 
 (1) spam (2) junk   (3) hoaxes   (4) hypertext (5) None of these

3. What___is processed by the computer into the information. 
 (1) numbers (2) processor   (3) input   (4) data (5) None of these 

4. A website address is a unique ID and it identifies a specific name on the web. That name is popularly known as…
(1) web browser (2) website  (3) PDA   (4) link (5) None of these 

5. Name of the device is, which connects to a network without wires and cords 
(1) distributed (2) centralised (3) open source (4) wireless (5) None of these 

6. Editing a document consists of reading the document and then 
(1) correcting your errors (2) printing it (3) saving it (4) deleting it (5) None of these 

7. The Internet allows you to 
(1) send electronic mail (2) view web pages (3) connect to servers all around the world (4) All of these (5) None of these 

8. Most mail programs automatically complete the following two parts in an e-mail 
(1) From: and Body: (2) From: and Date: (3) From: and To (4) From: and Subject: (5) None of these 

9. Where do you put a disk in your computer? 
(1) in the modem (2) in the hard drive (3) into the CPU (4) in the disk drive (5) None of these 

10. The name a user gives to a doc is 
(1) filename  (2) program  (3) record (4) data (5) None of these 

11. An e-mail address typically consists of a user ID followed by what sign and then e-mail service provider name
 (1) @   (2) #   (3) &   (4) * (5) None of these 

12. A personal computer is primarily designed to meet needs of a 
(1) individual (2) department  (3) company  (4) city (5) None of these 

13. ctrl, shift and alt are called as..keys. 
(1) adjustment (2) function (3) modifier (4) alphanumeric (5) None of these 

14. File____shrinks the size of a file so it requires less storage space. 
(1) scanning (2) synthesizing (3) defragmenting (4) compression (5) None of these

15. In addition to the basic typing keys, desktop and notebook computer keyboards include a type keypad to efficiently move the screen-based insertion point. Its name is..
(1) editing  (2) navigation   (3) locked   (4) docked (5) None of these 

16. The __ of a system includes the programs or instructions. 
(1) hardware (2) icon (3) information (4) software (5) None of these 

17. Which of the following displays programs that are currently running? A single click on one of the program icons will bring the window up. 
(1) Menu bar   (2) Task bar   (3) Title bar   (4) Status bar (5) None of these


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