Education@India: Child development and pedagogy objective questions for CTET 2012 exam

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Child development and pedagogy objective questions for CTET 2012 exam

Here are some more questions based on Child development and pedagogy. These are the questions of UPTET - UP Teachers Eligibility Test, which was conducted on Nov. 13 2011. And similar type of questions will be asked in 2012 CTET exam which will be conducted on Jan. 29 2012, answer key is given below of the same.

1. The stage in which a child begins to think logically about objects and events is known as-
(1) sensory-motor stage (2) formal operational stage (3) pre-operational stage (4) concrete operational stage

2. Four distinct stages of chil­dren's intellectual development were identified by-
(1) Kohlberg (2) Erikson (3) Skinner (4) Piaget

3. Parents should play a .............. role in the learning process of young children.
(1) negative (2) proactive (3) sympathetic (4) neutral

4. Which is the place where the child's cognitive development is defined in the best way?
(1) Playground (2) School and classroom (3) Auditorium (4) Home

5. considered a sign of motivated teaching.
(1) Maximum attendance in class
(2) Remedial work given by the teacher
(3) Questioning by students
(4) Pin drop silence in the class

6. At lower classes play-way method of teaching is based on-
(1) theory of physical education programmes
(2) principles of methods of teaching
(3) psychological principles of development and growth
(4) sociological principles of teaching

7. Dyslexia is associated with
(1) mental disorder (2) mathematical disorder (3) reading disorder (4) behavioural disorder

8. Education of children with special needs should be provided
(1) along with other normal children (2) by methods developed for special children ,in special schools (3) in special school (4) by special teachers in special schools

9. In the process of learning, motivation-
(1) sharpens the memory of learners (2) differentiates new learning from old learning (3) makes learners think unidirectionally (4) creates interest for learning among new learners.

10. A student of grade 5 with visual deficiency should be-
(1) excused to do a lower level of work
(2) helped with his/her routine work by parents and friends
(3) treated normally in the classroom and provided support through audio CDs.
(4) given special treatment in the classroom

Answer key: 1. 3, 2. 4, 3. 3, 4. 2, 5. 2, 6. 3, 7. 3, 8. 1, 9. 4, 10. 3

And once the exam is over we will be uploading CTET 2012 answer key sheet and cut off discussion on the same, including our survey.

Update: We have just uploaded some fresh questions and answer for CTET 2013 for Child development and pedagogy section. We hope that you will find these sample paper ideal for your preparation. 


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