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Monday, August 29, 2011

SSS CPO English answer key: Part 2 of 28-8-11 question paper

Q. 51-70: Choose the correct alternative:

51. His acting is too good.
Ans: very good

52. The novel consists a thousand pages.
Ans: consists of

53. If I studied well, I will pass.
Ans: I would pass

54. She reminded where to leave the papers.
Ans: me where to leave

55. How many ten rupees notes have you got?
Ans: ten-rupee notes

56. Soldiers are trained to behave without question?
ans. obey

57. Prasad bowls faster than Srinath, isn't it?
ans: Doesn't he.

58. The authorities requested the spectators to keep with the track?
Ans: to keep out of

59. Hearing deformity is one of the most common birth defects in India?
a. impairment

60. He is having many friends here
Ans: has

61. The commissions are set up to ask into the incidents?
Ans: inquire

62. I am angry upon you?
Ans: with

63. Don't stay out late. Come home soon.
Ans: early

64. The grater is the increase in the population, the harder it is for people to find housing.
Ans: no improvement

65. Sabith invited all her friends for the wedding but none of them came to attend the function.
Ans: attended

66. If you had arrived earlier, you had found me in the bus.
Ans: would have found

67. Keep quiet, we listen to the radio.
Ans: are listening

68. With her childish innocence, she won the hearts of everyone present there?
Ans: childlike

69. Herself saw the thief?
Ans: She herself

70. They wanted to have some onion fresh soup?
Ans: fresh onion soup.

Q. 115-120: fill in the blanks

115. The department head insisted that he___ absolute authority to regulate office work.
ans: would be given 

116. vinod, two of___brothers attend primary school, wished to be a school teacher after his graduation from the university. 
Ans: whose

117. The deadline was nearny, so Mrs. Sweath has had students___their essays.
Ans: complete

118. Our new digital photo-print machine, the manual__ is lost awaits to be be set up properly. 
Ans: of which 

119. Ramu is in the habit of revising just once, but sure4sh never understands a subject__he revises it for at least three times. 
Ans: unless

120. He was sorry__late last night. 
Ans: to come 

Q. 121-125: Choose the opposite word. 
121. Abandon
Ans: retain 

122. Humble
ans: Haughty 

123. exemptions
Ans: inclusion 

124. prominent
ans: unknown 

125. Betrayal
ans: loyalty

Q. 126-130: Choose the similar word. 

126. Concealed
Ans: hidden  

127. Relish 
ans: enjoy 

128. Acute
Ans: sharp

124. solicit
ans: agree

130. surmount
Ans: overcome

Q. 131-135: Correct spelling 

131. dominant 

132. observer


134. possess

135. leisure

146-155: Fill in the paragraph:
An archaeolist studeis the.
146. rocks
147. evidences
148. reconstruct
149. scientific
150. behind
151. weapons
152. crafts
153. assesses
154. women-folk
155. reliable

Paragraph Based Questions: 
176-180: Para 1: In 1760, a man named Tiphaigne de la roche made a bizzare prediction. In an imaginary story called Giphanite, mirror images... 

Q. 176. The term bizarre most commonly means?
Ams: strange

Q. 177: When was the concept of photography born?
Ans: when Nicephore conducted some experiments.

178. What does lithography deal with?
Ans: a print making technique

Q. 179. what was the contribution of Daguerre?
Ans: He introduced the method of photography

Q. 180. Why did the portrait artists go out of business?
Ans: because the photography method did not involve much money and was suitable for making portraits.

More questions are coming, keep refreshing the page.


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