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Monday, August 29, 2011

English answer key for SSC SI exam 2011

Here are some English questions of SSC CPO SI, ASI August 28 2011, more questions will be posted when some candidate submit them.

Q. 1-5: Spotting Error

1. (A) If he is a millionaire/ (B) he would help/ (C) the millennium project./ (D) No error.

Ans: a. he were

2. (a) The Prime Minister along with his Cabinet colleagues/ (b) have been welcomed by the Chief Minister/ (c) at a formal ceremony./ (d) N.E.
ans: b. has been

3. (a) The political candidate talked/ (b) as if she has already been elected/ (c) to the presidency./ (d) N.E.
Ans: c. for the presidency.

4. (a) The way to increase the production of the food/ (b) is to bring more land/ (c) under cultivation./ (d) N.E.
Ans: no error

5. (a) The girls watched intently/ (b) as the model applied her makeup/ (c) with a practiced hand./ (d) N.E.
Ans: C

Q.6-10: Fill in the blanks:

6. Many people reported ___ a noise in the night.
A) to hear b) having heard c) to have heard d) been hearing
ans: to head

7. I am exhausted, let's ___ a day. A) call it b) call at c) call off d) call in
Ans: a. call it

8. The worker used ___ to patch up the hold in the wall. A) sand b) cement c) soil d) grass
Ans: cement.

9. She made her stepson her ___ to her large fortune. A) hare b) heir
c) hair d) here
ans: heir

10. The stewardess showed the passenger___ . A) when to start travelling b) where to land the plane c) how to fasten the seat belt
d) how to judge the altitude of the plane
Ans: c


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