Education@India: July 2011 current affairs special: part 2

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 2011 current affairs special: part 2

These general awareness questions are very helpful for SBI PO July 24 2011 and SBI associated bank August 7 2011 exam. Besides other exams of 2011.

1. In recently held assembly elections, in which state, ruling party emerged as victorious party?
(a) Assam (b) West Bengal (c) Tamil Nadu (d) Kerala

2. Who is the new Chief minister of West Bengal, where Communist Par­ty has been badly defeated?
(a) ]ayalalithaa (b) Mamata Banerjee (c) Tarun Gogoi (d) Oommen Chandy

3. Which state of USA abolished death penalty recently?
(a) Chicago (b) Florida (c) Ilinois (d) None of these ....

4. Consider the following statements:
India recently put into orbit its sophisticated remote sensing sat­ellite Resource-sat-2 and two mi­crosatellites.
II. The satellites were carried on board its workhorse rocket PSLV-C16 and put into orbit on April 20, 2011.
III. It was the 18th flight of PSLY. Iv. Resourcesat-2 put up by PSLVC-16 expected to sent back huge data on earth's resources.
Which of the above is/are correct?
(a) Only I & II (b) Only II & III (c) Only I & III (d) All the four

5. Recently in its judgement on April 18, 2011 the Supreme Court banned the employment of children ill
(a) Manufacturing Industrial Units (b) Coal Mines (c) Circuses (d) None of the above

6. India signed an agreement on giving the country access to North Caspian Sea Region with
(a) Uzbekistan (b) Kazakhstan (c) Mongolia (d) Russia  

7. The largest trade partner of India is
(a) China (b) Russia (c) Australia (d) Japan  

8. A Central Supervisory Boald has been reconstituted to tackle the declining  
(a) Child Sex Ratio (b) Literacy Rate (c) Enrolment Ratio (d) None of the above  

9. Rajendra Pawar is the new chairman  of  
(a) Flcer (b) NASSCOM   (c) ONGC    (d) None of the above  

10. The number of Indians who have made it to the Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world is  
(a) Six (b) Five    (c) Seven (d) Eight  

11. With reference with the Godfrey Philips Zonal Bravery Awards which   of the following is not correctly   matched?  
Winner ::::  Award
(A) Nilesh Singhal
-The Mind of Steel Award
(B) RR Trivedi
-Social Bravery Award
(C) Anuradha Gautarn
-Physical Bravery Award
(0) Sonia Sharma
-Amodhini Award

12. Who has been crowned Panta-loons Femina Miss India 2011?  
(a) Ankita Shorey. (b) Kanishtha Oankar   (c) Hasleen Kaur   (d) None of the above  

1. a
2. b
3. c
4. d
5. c
6. b
7. a
8. a
9. b
10. b
11. d
12. b


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In JMRC CRA 2012 exam how many marks are you expecting?

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