Education@India: Current affairs July 13 2011

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Current affairs July 13 2011

Questions ad answers based on the events of July 13 2011.

1. Who is heading the committee set up to suggest ways and means for reforms in the power sector?
a. S.K. Das
b. B.N Sridhar
c. V.K. Shunglu
d. Jyotia Gupta
e. none of these

2. The Idian Navy has commissioned indigenously built Fast Attack Craft (FAC) to  keep an eye on illegal activities in the  Andaman seas? its name is
a. Koswari
b. Godavari
c. Ganga
d. Arjun
e. Krishna

3. India has imposed anti-dumping duty on imports of a chemical used in industrial cleaning processes and ceramics manufacture to protect domestic players from cheap Chinese shipments. The name of this chemical is...
a. Sodium Tripoly Phosphate
b. Calcuim Tripoly Phosphate
c. Baking Soda
d. Sodium Tripoly Sulphar
e. none of these

4. What is the name of The first ultra long-haul passenger jet with a capacity to fly about 250 passengers up to 16,000 km non-stop touched down at the Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi on July 13?
a. Boeing 787
b. Boeing 707
c. Jet 711
d. Air Bus 707
e. none of these

5. France has decided to withdraw its 1000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of...
a. 2013
b. 2012
c. 2015
d. 2014
e. 2011


1. c

2. a

3. a

4. a

5. b


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