Education@India: SBI clerks 16-1-2011 exam General Awareness answer key (morning shift)

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

SBI clerks 16-1-2011 exam General Awareness answer key (morning shift)

GK solved question of SBI January 16, 2011 clerk exam for morning shift.

State Bank of India 16-1-2011 Morning Shift 6113 clerks exam answer keys, along with questions. We still need 16 questions to make these answer key. If you can recall some questions then let us know. We will update with answers.

Q1) Hilary Clinton who was on India tour, is...
ans: US secretary of state

Q2) Which trophy is related to cricket?
Ans: Duleep trophy

Q3)Which is food crop?
Ans: maize

Q4)Retirement age of the judges increased to
Ans: 65 years

Q5) Shushil kumar is related to
Ans: Wrestling

Q6) Which of the following award is related to sport?
Ans: Arjuna Award

Q7)Which of the following game organised in delhi october 2010?
Ans: CWG 2010

Q8) In AFSPA word s stands for is
Ans: Special. AFSPA: Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act

Q9) In Western countries most of the banks closed because of
Ans: Global slow down, recession.

Q10)Which of the following has never being governer of india
Ans: Arup roy choudhary

Q11) As per monetry policy by RBI there is no change in...
ans: Pulse rate

Q12) Which of these term is a financial term
ans: deflation

Q13 Director of movie Peepli Live is
Ans: Anusha Rijvi

Q14 Salt chemical formula is...
ans: Sodium chloride

Q15 Which fruit contains vitamin C?
ans: lemon juice

Q16) Operation New Dawn is associated with
Ans: Iraq

Q17) Name of Kiran Desai novel is
ans: Inheritance of loss

Q18)Rohan Bopana related to which game?
ans: Lawn Tennis

Q19)Ayodhya issue is in which state
Ans: Uttar pradesh

Q20) there is no Stock exchange in?
Ans: Udiapur

Q21)exporters risk aid given by?
Ans: ECGC. Export Credit Guarantee Corporation

Q22) Tembhli village in
Ans: Maharashtra

Q23)3G…….g stands for?
We asked this question in in our current affairs 2011

sections as well. Bingo

Q24) Mota Singh…..?
Ans:  UK's first Sikh and Asian judge,

Q25) AIBA women's world boxing hosted by ?
Ans: Barbados

Q26)Jimena Navarrete Belongs to which Country ?
Ans: Mexico. she is Miss Universe 2010

Q27)who is not worked as RBI Governor ?
ans: Arup Roy choudhary

Q28) Which PM helped Bangladesh to get Freedom ?
ans: Indira Gandhi

Q29) UAE currency?
ans: Emirati dirham

Q30) SSF unorganised sector……?
Ans: Rikshaw pullers

Q31) AK Antony visited south Korea and to strengthen ties in ?
Ans: Defence sector

Q32) Which organization you will see in the battlefield where there is war will be?
Ans: red Cross

Q33) What is financial inclusion?
Ans: to provide banking facilities in remote areas

Q33) Food security bill related to
Ans: PDS

Q34) Vedanta alumina related to
Ans: Mining


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