Education@India: MP Police constable sample paper 2011 | questions for head constable, tele operators, tradesman

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MP Police constable sample paper 2011 | questions for head constable, tele operators, tradesman

One of the papers for MP police constable exam will be 150 marks that will contain questions on maths, science and general awareness. Here are some model qustions for science and GK.

1. Out of the following name the factor which is considered key to good health ?
(A) Pollution free environment (B) Nutritious diet (C) Good life routine (D) Stress free life

2. The length of cricket bat is-
(A) 38 inch (B) 39 inch (C) 37 inch (D) 40 inch

3. Skinfold Calliper measures
­(A) Height of a body (B) Body fat (C) Respiration level of body (D) Weight of a body

4. An umpire in 'Hockey' shows green card. He is indicating for-
(A) Wanting (B) Temporary suspension (C) To start the game (D) For medical attention

5. The number of alveoli (air sacs) in our two lungs is approxi­mately-
(A) 700 million (B) 800 million (C) 900 million (D) 1000 million

6. Radio-ulna bones is situated in the human body at-
(A) Fore arm (B) Lower leg (C) Foot (D) Upper arm

7. What will be done after snake bite?
(A) Sucking (B) Use of crepe bandage (C) Use of antiseptic (D) Use of two-niket bandage

8. Normal Heart Rate of stroke volume is-
(A) 5·04 litre / minute (B) 5·50 litre/minute (C) 6·00 litre/minute (D) 4·50 litre/minute

9. Balanced diet contains
­(A) Protein (B) Vitamin (C) Carbohydrates (D) All of the above

10. The longest bone in human body is-
(A) Ulna (C) Femur (B) Tibia (D) Humerus

11. The main source of vitamin' A' is-
(A) Egg (B) Banana (C) Carrot (D) Potato

12. Fatigue comes during training due to-
(A) Lactic acid (B) Adrenal (C) CO2 (D) pH-Factors

13. What energy do minerals supply to the body?
(A) Chemical (B) Electrical (C) Thermal (D) No energy

14. The Olympic games in 2016 will beheld at-
(A) London (B) America (C) Holland (D) Brazil

15. The measuring instrument of Blood pressure is-
(A) Steadiometer (B) Menometer (C) Sphygmomanometer (D) Dynamometer

16. The minimum number of players required in a team to start a Basketball match is-
(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 3 (D) 12

17. What is Blood? (A) Tissue (B) Liquid Tissue (C) Blood Platelets (D) Special Tissue

18. Water percentage in plasma is-
(A) 60% (B) 70% (C) 80% (D) 90%

Answer key will be published within a couple of days.

Update: Find syllabus and exam pattern for MP Police constable exam for GD and driver for April 7, 2013 exam.


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