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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

English Answer key, solved paper prepared by us for SSC CPO 2010 exam

SSC CPO SI December 12, 2010 solved English Language and Comprehension Section. This section had 200 questions. We would be uploading more and more questions as we solve them. Keep refreshing from time to time.

In Question Nos. 1 to 20, 1 and last sentences of the passage are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the passage is split into four parts and named p) Q, Rand S. These four pmts are not given in their proper order. Read the sentence and find out which of the four· combinations is corTect. Then find the correct answer and indicate it in the Answer-Sheet.

l. 1. Even though
P. the movie 'Avatar'
Q. at the Box Office
R. is doing wonders
S. some depict the movie as
6. being racist.
Answer: PRQS

1. The dollar has been
P. and markets
Q. weak for months
R. have been fretting
S. over a host of
6. potential economic worries.

1. Miffed over the issue
P. of not being given
Q. Chelan 'Bhagat continues &
R. to spew anger
S. due credit for the film '3 Idiots'
6. through his blog.
Answer: PSQR

l. The developer of
P. leading real estate
Q. one of the
R. is Emma properties
S. the Burj Dab&.i project
6. developers in Dubai.
Answer: SRQP.

1. The agencies shall submit the bid documents
P. their technical bid
Q. alongwith definite
R. documentary proof of
Q. as clearly mentioned
6. as clearly mentioned

6. 6.
1. The Indian hockey players
P. have refused
Q. the training camp
R. to attend
S. and have gone
6. on an indefinite strike
Answer: PRQS

1. Though things are
P slowly fading away
Q. Looking a little brighter
R. and recession is
S. the job market still remai
6. a little volatile

1. Inherited $3000, but it was not sufficient to start a zoo.
P. I discovered that most dealers would cram twenty creatures into a cage.
Q. So I decided to become an animal collector for zoos.
R. If they survived, they increased the price of the survivors.
S. But it proved to be a short lived career.
6. My cages were spacious and the animals well looked after: so I lost all my money.
Answer: QSPR

1. It was not the sort of prize one could carry home at Short notice.
P. However they could make an exception in my case.
Q. He pointed at a notice that winners had to remove their
R. They agreed to keep the engine at the grounds for a few days.
S. So I asked the showman if he could help me to transport it.
6. Then I would have to make my own arrangements to take it out.
Answer: SQPR

1. One day at school, Newton was kicked by a bigger boy from a higher class.
P. He also decided to beat him at lessons, and this made him study harder.
Q. So he turned on the bigger boy and gave him a good beating.
R. The kicking made Newton very angry.
S. After that he improved In his studies.
6. Perhaps the big boy who kicked Newton did a service to the world.

1. Newton's head was so full of ideas that he was often quite lost in his thoughts.
P For a long time his guests waited for him to return.
Q. Soon the wine, the dinner and the guests were all forgotten.
R. Once, when he was entertaining some guests, he went out of the room to fetch some wine.
S. On his way to the wine cellar he passed his work table.
6. They searched and found him hard at work in his study.
Answer: RSQP

1. Socrates
P. never to make
Q. a great Greek Philosopher
R. ­and had resolved
S. tried hard to control himself
6. a show of his temper.
Answer: QSRP

1. Life was
P. had a way of leaving
Q. interests that Ross
R. the work for his examinations
S. so full of other
6. to the last minute

1. Most editors
P.  set aside pages or columns
Q. of magazines and newspapers
R. on events of the day
S. for letters of comment
6. or on articles in the publication
Answer: QPSR

1. My aunt and mother
P. to buy sweet-sour candies
Q. just to get
R. give us money
S. rid of us
6. in the afternoon
Answer: RPQS

1. For a long time
P.  the house watching
Q. and wishing that
R. I sit outside
S. the birds flying
6. I had been bom a bird
Answer: RPSQ

1. My account of
P.  comes from
Q. Bhatt's early years
R. and initiation into Sarvodaya
S. an extended interview .
6. he recently granted to me
Answer: QPRS

18. l. The object

P. to clothe ourselves
Q. that we set before
R. to be able
S. ourselves was
         6. entirely in cloth manufactured by our own hand.

19. 1. Often I have felt
P. the opportunity to  
Q. that we shared much
R. not having taken
S. in common and regretted
6. get to know him better.

1. Springfield may be a great place to live.
P. that make Springfield
Q. makes a number of assumptions
R. pushing the beliefs
S. but the author of this article
6. an attractive home

In Questions Nos. 21 to 30, out of the four alternatives, choose one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence:
21. An official call to appear in a court of law
Answer: Summon

22. To cut a part of a person's body
Ans: amputate

23. One who is filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm about his religion:
Ans: Fanatic

24. A list of items to be transacted at a meeting
Ans: Agenda

25. Murder of brother
Ans: Fratricide

26. One who cannot speak
Ans: dumb

27. The highest point
Ans: Zenith

28. A speech delivered without previous preparation
Ans: extempore

29. One who pretends to be what he is not.
Ans: Hypocrite

30. Study of heavenly bodies
Ans: Astronomy

Question: 31-50: Active and passive Voice. We are just writing the answers:
31. A new car has been bought by me

32. Students might have been given some concession by their teachers.

33. Vegetarians should not be offered meat

34. All those bad debts must be written off by you.

35. Is the chief guest being received at the station?

36. Butter is made from milk by us.

37. People telling me what to do was not liked by me.

38. The chairman had called off the meeting

39. 200 boys were arrested by the police on the university campus.

40. Why is he liked by you so much.

41. They will send the invitation cards today

42. Several cakes have been baked by her friends.

43. It is believed that God gives us misery.

44. The chief guest has planted a lot of saplings.

45. The matter has been discussed discussed by the Prime Minister with the other ministers.

46. The students would be met by the Principal this evening.

47. The President appoints the chief justice of India.

48. The principal convened a meeting.

49. My suitcase has been stolen by someone.

50. Radhika and Sarath Kumar are being interviewed by Anu.

Questions: 51-70: Choose the appropriate word. We are just writing the answers.

51. Refused

52. anybody

53. backed out

54. longer

55. witness of the murder.

56. humane

57. had sung

58. No improvement. ( may have been traveling)

59. No improvement.  (all the other contestants)

60. unpack, eat their lunch and relax.

61. opening

62. has been ill

63. Those who live

64. How

65. diminished

66. advised

67. whose

68. were killed

69. improved

70. increased.

Q. 71-95: Direct Indirect speech.

Q. 95-115: Spotting the error.

Q. 116-120: Fill in the blanks:

116. Of late the number of literates__gone up.
Ans: has

117. Please make yourself__home
Ans: at

118. Keep your dog_the flower beds. It may damage the flowers.
Ans: off

119. The brave youth immediately jumped__the river to save the drowning child.
Ans: into

120. WE can make no progress if we continue working___these conditions.
Ans: under

121-125: Choose the word opposite in the meaning of the given word.
121. Escalate
Ans: Decrease.

122. Anarchy
Ans: order

123. Commotion
Ans: tranquility

124. Monotony
Ans: Variety

125. Latter
Ans: former

126-130: Choose the word most similar.

126. Candid
Ans: Frank

127. Zealous
Ans: Ardent

128. Industrious
Ans: Hard-working

129. Feasible
Ans: practical

130. Adopt
Ans:  choose

131-140: Correct Spelt words:

131. Height

132. Label

133. Museum

134. Occasion

135. Committee

136. Disease

137. traveller

138. Scissors

139. Vacuum

140. Accommodation

141-150: Idiom and phrases

141. White elephant
Ans: costly and useless possession

142. Once in a blue moon
Ans: rarely

143. put off
Ans: postponed

144. set forth
Ans: stated

145. for a song.
Ans: very cheaply

146. given up
Ans: stopped

147. get his point
Ans: make them understand

148. fair-weather friends
Ans: friends who desert you in difficulties

149. ins and outs
Ans: complete details

150. make good the loss
ans: try to minimize the loss.

Q.151-180: Passages Questions:
Passage 1:
151.  The author of the passage believes that
Ans: sport is not a test of national virtue 

152. By concrete examples, the writes is referring to----
Ans: historic events

153. In the competitive, you
Ans: play to win

154. At the international level, sports
Ans: are an imitation of war

155. Orgies are:
Ans: excessive indulgence

Passage II
156. The central idea of the passage is:
Ans: the importance of gaining control over one's mind

157. It is possible to control everything else but one's mind...means
Ans: It is possible to control everything else except one's mind

158. The word decluttered in the para 3 means:
Ans: to remove unnecessary things

159. What seems to be coincidence
ans: Events happening according to ours wishes

160. How does the law of attraction work in life?
Ans: we attract things we desire.

Passage III

161. From where could this account have been taken 
Ans: An interview 

162. Lorde is probably a...
Ans: Poet 

163. Another word in the second paragraph that means 'rewriting' is...
Ans: revising 

164. According to the writer the two process involved in revising her work are...
Ans: easy and anchored 

165. The person named Lorde in the passage writes in a journal..
Ans: very regularly 

Passage IV
166. What stage of life must the author be..
Ans: Old age

167. What feeling does the author harbour about life?
Ans: Gratitude

168. What according to the author, were the most fulfilling moments of his life?
Ans: When he could help others without expecting anything back

169. What, according to the author, is the most important thing in his life
Ans: The thing one is striving for

170. What is the tone of the passage?
Ans: Reflective

Passage V
171. It is too deep and dark for any plants to grow?
Ans: The sea is very deep and dark and so no plant can grow. 

172. ...but no depth, it seems, is too great for animal life."
Ans: Animals can easily live at any great depth. 

173. Which of the following statements best summarises Para II.
Ans: There is a keen struggle for life at deep sea.

174. Cuttle fished depend upon their feelers mainly to
Ans: capture food

175. The last paragraph is about
Ans: light producing animals 

Passage VI:

176. What qualities did the speaker inherit from his mother
Ans: faith in goodness and deep kindless

177. Who were the speaker's close friends in his childhood
Ans: Aravindan, Ramanadha Sastry, Sivaprakasan

178. What made the speaker's childhood unique
Ans: The time spent with Jallaluddin and Samsuddin

179. What kind of environment is a child born into?
Ans: a specific socio-economic and emotional environment.

180. Who was the high priest of the Rameswaram Temple
Ans: Laksjmana Sastry

181-200: Fill in the paragraph.
Passage I:
181. proposes
182. providing
183. loopholes
184. intends
185. appointed
186. invoke
187. shall
188. fundamental
189. opportunities
190. their

Passage II
191. wake
192. for 
193. then
194. what 
195. told
196. them
197. her 
198. and 
199. encouragement 
200. tears



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