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Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to prepare English for SBI, CWE clerical exam, pattern, sample papers

English is a very important section in all clerical exam. Be it SBI, CBI, UBI or for that matter even Prathma Bank, Shreyas, or Gurgaon Bank and many more banks, your performance in English will decide your chances of success or failure. And to do well in English is more important if you are appearing for the forth coming 11,000 SBI clerk vacancies exam. As there would be very stiff competition. Let's see how you can prepare for different English section:

Paragraph based questions: It is also known as reading comprehension or unseen paragraph. Believe it or not but this is the most scoring section and normally it would have around 12-15 questions based on it, including similar and opposites words. And you can as many correct marks as the no. of questions. But how to do it? The first thing is that don't judge a paragraph by its length. Most of the candidates see the a paragraph length, which is always lengthy and they don't even approach. This is wrong. 9 times out of 10 passage are really simple and once you read it with calm you would be able to solve those questions. While you read a sentence, absorb it and do not jump to the next sentence. Read freely and not hurriedly. As most of the questions are very factual and one should be able to solve them after understanding the crux of the paragraph. And as far as its similar and opposite words are concerned, to solve them you don't have to mug a dictionary. But to get cent per cent marks, you need to do a lot of practice. The best way to do so is to to read newspaper's editorial section daily and at least 3-4 practice paragraph daily. I am sure that initially you may not score well in practice papers but let me tell your score will improve gradually. Reading editorial will also improve your English language as well GK. Just do it. That's how what I did when I was preparing for CAT. And within a span of 2-3 months I was getting good score in CAT practice paper. When this method can help in CAT then for sure it would do wonders for clerk exam. The bottom line is don't get frightened by paragraph length.
Time allotted for this section: 8-9 minutes.

SECTION 2: Arranging a 5-6 jumbled sentences of a paragraph. Again a section gets full marks. But if you put even one sentence wrong then you will get at least two wrong answers.
How to do it? Read all the sentences at least three times and you will get some idea. Also, first sentence will never start from words like, their, her, his, there has to be something so that you can use their words like her, his and such. And the key is practice and reading. When I say reading I mean good books and articles. No B-grade text or whatsapp jokes and messages. 
Time allotted: 2-3 minutes.

SECTION 3: Fill in the blanks in a paragraph: Cloze test 
In this section a paragraph would be given with 8-10 blanks and candidates have to fill these blanks after choosing one appropriate from 5 given choices. The best way to solve this section is read the paragraph as it is, means without filling the blanks. Most of us look down the options when there is a blank. Do not do that. Read it twice and understand what para is all about. It is like connection dots of line and not pinning the dots. In first reading paragraph would not make sense but in second reading it would take the shape of a story. Next step eliminating technique, in this technique you put each of the 5 given words in the blank and see if it makes any sense. While doing so please read sentence before and after the word. If you put the word and read a sentence that is before and after that word as well, then there are high chances that you would get the right answer. Once you put right words which you think are right then read the filled paragraph again, this way you would be able to recheck your answers. Let the words hit your ears and you will see the difference. I hope you are getting the point.
Time allotted: 5 minutes.

SECTION 4: Finding error in a sentence. You must be knowing that which section I am talking about. In this section one sentence would be divided in 5 parts and one of these parts may have a grammatical or a spelling error. This section is very tricky. If I ask you to improve your grammar then It will take months and perhaps years to do so. The other option is that you practice around 15 such sentences each day and make a list of all errors which you come across in your practice papers. And make a possible list of around 200. This way you would be able to solve at least three sentences in this section. 

Time allotted for this section: 5 minutes.


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