Education@India: DMRC English sample paper for customer relation assistant and ET test

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

DMRC English sample paper for customer relation assistant and ET test

Here are some questions for DMRC exam of customer relation assistant and executive trainee. It is being learnt that level of English would BE like bank clerk and other such exams. There would be around 25 questions of English language. We would be uploading more sample papers of different subjects as well including more of English and syllabus too.

Fill in the blanks. Pick up the right words....

1. Asia can't be____ to the maladies of the West
a. immune b. prone c. dropped. skeptic

2. We have seen some smaller players closing down factories because of a fall in____.
a. Workforce b. demand c. cost d. torpid.

3. Our stake continues to be___to us.
a. valuable b. loveable c. laudable d. venerable

4. Realty projects in NCR to be delayed due to___ rentals
a. sluggish b. challenging c. skyrocketing d. disappearing

5. Technological solutions are being applied to repair a___ range of ecological damage.
a. diverse b. omnipresent c. fragile d. fickle

6. It is a___ that while Indian democracy has deepened and the electoral process has become more free and fair, there has been a decline in inner-party democracy.
a. paradox d. agony c. startling d. credited

7. It’s not all doom and_____ however. There have been some encouraging trends in the current elections.
a. gloom b. boom c. nascent d. naive

Answers: 1. a 2.b 3. a 4. a 5.a 6. a 7.a


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